What are Crowns?

Do you have chipped teeth? If so, you may be a candidate for dental crowns! At Jennifer Lopez DMD, we are committed to creating a beautiful smile you will love for many years to come!

Dental crowns act as a “cap” to protect a chipped or damaged tooth. The goal is to support and protect the tooth to ensure it is long-lasting. The crowns are also matched to the color of your natural teeth for a naturally beautiful smile!


There are plenty of benefits associated from getting dental crowns such as:

  • Visually Beautiful Smile
  • Enhanced Mouth Functionality
  • Restored Confidence
  • Color-Matched To Your Teeth
  • Better support for compromised underlying tooth structure
  • Stronger material than a large filling

Crown Treatment

We will perform a comprehensive oral exam to analyze the state of your dental health. We will determine crown placement with x-ray and digital images that are captured to understand that dental crowns are right for you.

An impression of your teeth will be taken, and this will be sent to a dental lab for crown creation. In doing so, the dental crown will fit comfortably in your mouth because it naturally mirrors your natural smile. On the day of the fitting, we will apply a high-quality resin to your tooth. Then, the dental crown will be firmly secured on top for a seamlessly new smile.

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