3d technology

When it comes to providing our patients with the best level of care possible, we believe that using the best equipment available is a great start. That’s why our practice uses 3D imaging technology to make sure that we are getting the most accurate measurements possible. While exploring the inside of the mouth used to only involve a traditional x-ray, today we are able to use advanced digital 3D imaging to take a complete picture of the entire bone structure.

This digital system is so revolutionary because it uses significantly less radiation than a traditional x-ray machine, and eliminated the need for developing film. This means we can instantly transfer scanning files to other labs and technicians, making the prosthetic process much faster. Our new imaging technologies can take better images, scans, and all with less radiation.

Why We Use 3D Technologies:

  • Faster Scans
  • No Film
  • Less Radiation
  • Easy File Transfer
  • Easy to Use

3D Imaging Services and Technologies

If you think you might need to have some dental work done, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our office. We are here to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible while using the latest in 3D imaging technology.

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